Arkansas Homeowner Products 

Our homeowner products are designed for primary, full-time occupied residences as well as secondary occupancy. We even have a place for the seasonal risk that may be rented to others occasionally. The HO-3 is our most popular form and includes replacement coverage on the dwelling for most homes. Some companies offer the ability to endorse replacement cost on personal property as well as schedule valuable items. The HO-8 is a named peril policy for those risks that do not qualify for the HO-3.  Coverage is available for all protection classes. Photos are not required from the agent as inspections are ordered by the company.  

Certain Underwriters @ Lloyd’s - is an "A" rated company. This is our most accommodating company. They offer the HO-3, HO-4 and HO-8 forms for primary or secondary occupancy. They can even accommodate the seasonal risks that may be rented occasionally. The maximum dwelling value is $500,000 for the HO-3 and $200,000 for the HO-8.  Lloyd’s accepts homes with wood roofs, asbestos siding, and semi or unprotected homes. This company is designed to make room for the "hard to place" risks.

Aegis Security – is an “A” rated admitted company. The Bronze program is written on a basic peril form which includes personal property, unattached structures, loss of use, personal liability and medical payments. The program was designed for older homes $40,000 to $125,000. Used for primary and secondary occupancy.

American Reliable – is an “A” rated admitted company. This program offers broad form coverage for contents of insureds renting apartments and dwellings and is written on the HO-4 policy form. Loss of use and liability coverage is included in this package with personal property replacement cost and increased liability limits to $100,000 available. All protection classes are eligible.


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